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To maximize human economic potential

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  • the fact

    The global banking system is inadequate to meet the needs of the 21st century consumer as evident by the fact that 1.7 billion adults remain unbanked,

  • our vision

    To maximise human economic potential.

    To empower everyone to control all their assets, all the time, for true financial sovereignty.

    To create an equitable, inclusive and permissionless global commerce infrastructure.

  • our mission

    To create an alternative global commerce ecosystem that does not require a financial institution for payment processing.

March 13, 2024Blockchain

Boom Launches Boomswap to Enable the Trading of Tokenised World Currencies

The launch of Boomswap is followed by Boom receiving its first investment of €500 Million which will contribute to creating liquidity pools and global expansion

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The Boom Ecosystem is powered by its AI-backed Boom Blockchain and its native cryptocurrency, the Boomcoin (BMC)


Why is Boomcoin so different from other coins?

Boomcoin is the Bitcoin for everyday commerce

Pioneering ready-to-use
crypto for Mass Adoption

“Boom is fulfilling satoshi’s dream of using crypto to enable financial soverignity and inclusion for all”

  • Launch Price in 2018


  • Price Today


  • Total Wallets activated


  • Years in circulation

    5 years

What can you do with Boomcoin ?


    for goods and services on the Boom super app


    As an investment / Hedge against inflation


    For liquidity pool to earn fees


    On Boomswap

Put it to work.
Swap it. Lend it. Hold it. Trade it

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Boom App

1.7 billion adults have no bank accounts.

They have never bought, sold or paid for anything online despite having an annual purchasing power of over $5 Trillion.

Boom launched in June 2023 as an e-commerce super app that enables everybody to buy, sell and pay for everything online without requiring a financial institution for payment processing.

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The Boom Superapp: powering e-commerce without banking™

The Boom, e-commerce without banking super-app comprises of a marketplace where everybody can buy and sell their goods and services online without having a bank to process payments, a wallet to send and receive money and pay and get paid online, a super secure messaging app where the keys to secure all communication are stored only on the user’s device, and a built-in social media app for community building and engagement.

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The Boom Ecosystem is
politically neutral

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